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Received this great message from the Nordins who are living a permaculture life in Africa as health-aid workers.  With their permission, I wanted share some of their thoughts and work with all of you.... I found it inspiring...Bill


"Hello William and Rebecca,

Our names are Kristof, Stacia, and Khalidwe Nordin.  For the last 14 years we have been living and working with permaculture in Malawi, Africa.  Stacia and I have received our Diplomas in Design and spend a great deal of our time teaching, sharing, and implementing.  Khalidwe is our 8 year old daughter who was born in Malawi and she spends a lot of time trying to get her friends to plant trees and take care of their own houses.  My mom lives in LaCrosse, Wisconsin and has been forwarding me your newsletters.  I finally decided to sign up for myself to find out a bit more of what is happening in the Midwest where I grew up.  If you would like to see more about our work in Malawi you can visit our website at www.neverendingfood.org

Thanks and keep up the great work!

The Nordins"


Here are a before-and-after picture of one of their projects posted on their website.


With the soil prepared, we began building our “guilds”.  

With proper design, guild-building techniques, and Permaculture principles, this next picture illustrates the amazing potential to transform an unproductive area into a thriving, fertile, and high-yielding eco-system.  This picture is the exact same area as the other pictures but ONE YEAR later!  Now you can see a flourishing garden with lots of foods and integrated systems such as a small fish pond (to help with integrated pest management by attracting things like birds, lizards, frogs, bees and other animals & insects), a gazebo area, a trellis for climbing plants, and pathways for creating more edge systems where plant life tends to thrive.  In six months we had more food around our house than any of our neighbors, many who have been in that area for ten years or more.

One Year Later...

Here are a couple of paragraphs from their website:

"The conclusion that Stacia and I came to was that we could­n’t treat the AIDS issue as a separate entity.  It had to be seen in the way that the village sees it–as part of a whole.  We couldn’t address a disease that attacks the immune system without addressing the fact that immune systems were already compromised by malnutrition.  We couldn’t work on improving nutrition without working to improve the diversity of what was being grown.  We couldn’t improve the diversity of agricultural crops without working to improve soil fertility, and on and on….We began to see a natural connection between problems and solutions."

"Together, the three of us now live in a small village about 15 miles from the capital city, Lilongwe.  We try to stick to the motto, “Live simply so that others may simply live.”  We teach by example and try to be role models to those who live around us and those who come to visit us."


Hats off to you Kristof, Stacia, and Khalidwe.  Thank you for doing this work.

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