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I will be teaching in some elementary schools soon, and so was working on curriculum ideas. 

Inspired by Bill's awesome clay model water management lesson, as well as one of the children in my last PDC who did his final design project with legos, I busted out my old legos and put this model and video together. 

The possibilities for teaching different aspects of gardening and design seem endless!


I have to work on my seasons and degrees a little, but it's a start!


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Saw the Facebook post earlier. Very innovative way to illustrate the food forest layers. It can resonate well because its 3D gives a textural layer that drawings do not.

Nice job, Randy! The 3D model is a real plus.

Thanks! It's pretty darn fun too...

Yeah, I'm devising other lessons that I can use it for as well...

How very cool Randy.  OMG...!!!  Think of all  of the young adults that are getting back into Legos.  Now you are one of them.  I say keep going on this approach to creating landscapes that teach multiple lessons at the same time. 

Now you got my wheels turning...!!!

I appreciate it Randy.  What's next?


Yes, I was trying to figure out a lesson that goes through a basic design process and hits key points. Will be doing more "research" (aka playing with legos) soon...


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