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My wife and I just purchased a 1906 homestead in Gordon, WI that we would very much like to develop into a more sustainable property embracing the historic and natural assets. We are very new to this and working on a shoestring, but realize we need help in planning to take advantage of the many options available to us and best utilize the land. The home has not been occupied since 1966 and is badly in need some foundation work, yet the interior of the home stands largely unmuddled from it's original configuration including a Root Cellar, Cistern, and Ice House.

We are seeking advice and mentoring from experienced individuals who may live nearby and would be eager to entertain any visits to or from nearby projects..

Please log into our Facebook Page to see more about this project and what we are doing- https://www.facebook.com/PeterNelsonHomestead

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Looks live a really wonderful project Joel.  Very glad to know that you and your wife will be healing this piece of land.

I know it likely feels daunting (but exciting), from a permaculture perspective we start with close observation and assessments of the land to see what is going on and what is truly needed.  Then if holding water is determined to be a priority, then we start with that designing in whatever water harvesting and holding techniques are appropriate across the property (how many acres?). Then designing from the home out is the best way to prioritize as we want to keep the things we need to interact with the most closer to our home.

Feel free to continue to use the forum as a way to post your questions and progress and you can be sure that you will hear from a few of our PDC course students.  We have some regulars who are good designers frequent these pages.

Best.... Bill Wilson


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