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Friends and Permaculturists,

This is a design I am proposing to my parents for the backyard of their house.

This is the first draft.

I would like to apply the design principle "apply self-regulation and accept feedback" and ask if anyone has any suggestions or considerations that I may have overlooked.

I made it in a Word file. It is attached.







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Also, please let me know if the file doesn't open up properly or is problematic in any way.

Looks clean and simple to me Randy.  Nice design.  As long as your folks are interested in eating persimmon and saskatoon then I think you've thought this through well.  Will the ditch be exposed or tucked into the bed so in effect it disappears during the growing season but is still very effective at routing water?


Yes, I think the ditch probably will be more tucked into the bed rather than exposed.
Thanks for giving it a look over!
I know they like persimmons, and we have 2 blueberry bushes, but it seems like we don't have the best conditions for them, so the Saskatoon/service berry seems like another possibility to get a better yield with a berry.


I like the selection, too. 

I am curious how deep the water gets and how fast it rushes. There may be opportunity for even more water harvesting.

Blueberries like the soil to be acidic and I'm betting the soil in NWI is more alkaline (clay). There are techniques that can be used to create conditions that blueberries like without disturbing other plants that are happy with alkaline soil. 

If neatness is an issue (as can be the case with suburbans neighbors) a short (about 6") white picket fence may quiet them. 


Well, it seems like the storms around here are more intense and sudden each year, so there have been times when quite a bit of water rushes into the garage (I have no way of measuring it). But, on the garage floor, the extent of the water's damage is only getting objects on the floor wet. It isn't inches of water or anything. 

Thanks for the ideas. 


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