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i am going to put a chinampa on my property. Zone 5B Koppen classification Dfb. Northwest Pennsylvania USA

I was wondering if anyone knew of other that put a chinampa in a colder climate. I know Midwest Permaculture has one and I think Ben Falk has one? I would like to tour  few before I make my final design.

I will have fingers or long islands coming from the pond and the chinampa will be on the south side. It will be locate by a meadow, in a flood plain and the east side is a very large creek, 35 foot deep and 100 foot across.

Any information would be wonderful. Thank you, Denise

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Some thoughts on the topic from Thunder By Permaculture. Just scroll down in the link to find it.http://thunderbaypermaculture.blogspot.com/2014/08/

Also some variants on this by native Americans in SW Wisconsin where they did raised field gardening along rivers. No link but it was a popular method  used by tribes there for hundreds of years in the Mississippian Culture culminating about 500 years ago and probably ending with the diseases following European settlement that occurred around 1500 to 1550. Mann talks about it the book 1491.

That's interesting. The creek I live by is more like a river. This could be a possibility too.

I know Rick slightly. I will send him a message.

Thank you!


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