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Some highlights...

  • Bees — How they live in nature and how to respect their ways in your apiary.
  • Natural beekeeping — “Pulling honey is all I do.” – One hive visit per year. – Mistakes to avoid.
  • Catching swarms — Start or increase an apiary for free by attracting local bees. – Improve bee genetics.
  • Hives — Which model is best for you? – Horizontal hives and their advantages. – Design hives like a pro.
  • Frames — Wax foundation vs. foundationless natural comb. – Make your own foundation.
  • Management — What to do and not to do. – Keep your bees and keep your smile.
  • Keep it simple — One-box hive, no feeding, no heavy lifting, no queen excluders, no requeening.
  • Treatment-free — Healthy strong colonies without any drugs.
  • Wintering — Help bees overwinter successfully in any climate.
  • Woodworking — How to build low-maintenance bee-friendly hives. – DIY made easy. – Materials and tools.
  • Honey, wax, propolis — And some hive products you never heard about! – Sell your honey for $25/lb.
  • Honey plants — Enhance nectar resources for bee’s future, and ours!
  • Apiary visit — See horizontal hives in action at Dr. Leo’s apiary. – Six different hive models!
  • Bees and community — What we can learn from the bees about a cooperative society?

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