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With the new growing season approaching, what are you doing to plant your futures resiliently? Are any of you planning on carbon restorative guilds and if so will you please share with the rest of us. Here we have run out of room except to add biochar into the soil. This sixth of an acre has been filling up fast. We are all running out of time and to share ideas is to move forwards together. Hoping to kick start some conversation here or has everyone moved off the Facebook?

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Hey Bryce -- glad to see this forum. Can you elaborate on carbon restorative guilds?

Woody species, trees and shrubs, all with endo and ecto mycorrhizal fungal species and forbs beneath. Adding activated biochar into the active soil layer to support both root and fungal growth. The only way that we can rationally address the excess of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is to take it back out and restore it into the forest and soils. We need more ideas and this venue is a place to promulgate them. Lets get a conversation going on plant/animal/ fungal guilds that will support the restoration of planetary ecosystems. You all have ideas to share.

I am not knowledgeable enough (yet) to speak to this question, but I did read a fantastic book about carbon sequestration called:  "Grass, Soil, Hope"  well written, easy to read and indeed hopeful where our earth's situation is concerned.  Author traveled across the globe for innovative ideas on the subject.  Very permaculture ideals are presented.  I'd highly recommend the book.  You can get it through Chelsea Green  (same publisher as your book Bryce)

Great book and I did purchase it last year but have not finished it. Seems to be a problem as I have about 50 books at least here that I am in the process of reading. Still have not finished either Restoration Ag or Wealth of Nature. So many books and so little time to digest them all. But if its encyclopedic there always seems to be time to read it as in Moerman's Native American  Ethnobotany. Still the carbon farming subject is a fascinating one that I am trying to keep up with at least on the discussion groups at Yahoo and Google.


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