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What can we do Permies?

I just received a call (March 2 - 4:30pm) from a Korean Vet (age 58) who seems to be between a rock and a hard spot. No family and I guess no friends. He sounds sincere to me, however, he just has made a lot of not too good decisions I'm thinking.  He lives on almost nothing, no computer, no car, hungry, and has been trying to sell his land for 4 years. 

From what I can gather from the phone call, he would like to sell but would also entertain some permaculture oriented folk who have some of their own $ to come down and help him.  I think he needs some TLC but is likely a challenge to be helpful to. I'm just guessing. His house is in disrepair, needs some handyman work.  No plumbing until the water lines get fixed. 

His name is Tim Copland.  He has little access to computers and he asked if I could put the word out to my network. It's the least we can do I think. He phone number is 253-209-0538.  If there is not an answer he does keep the phone off to save on the battery.  Leave a message if you can.

It could be that this is first a rescue mission, and secondly, an opportunity for a couple of permies who have no land but are willing to take a gamble on helping someone solve some real-life problems in exchange for a possible place to develop a permaculture site.  I think he really wants to stay on the land but he has no community and no money, so he figures he needs to sell so he can move on.

I've done a quick assessment of the property.  I think I have the correct parcel but if not it is probably the property on either side but you will still have some good idea of the area.  Below is what I have found.

Please contact Tim directly if you can assist him or would like to see about purchasing his property. He is asking $79,000.  Good luck to you.. .and good luck to you too Tim (who will likely never see this post - Tell him I wish him the best.)

Bill Wilson

5 foot topographical map

Soil map and data on BoC - It's a sandy loam. Pretty good stuff.

Native Plants from the Area and These Soils

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